Blog tours and place marketing

Blog tours and field trips: who?

Everyone talks about blog tours and you won’t find a travel blogger who hasn’t done at least one! Blog tours are a fantastic promotion opportunity for an area and, much more often, cultural and tourist boards, tourist operators and hotel chains of varying sizes turn to this new form of “sponsorship” to gain publicity for their products and services or to advertise a new destination or event (we mean the social media team, in this case). Who are the protagonists of this innovative form of web advertising? We are! Travel bloggers, writers and journalists of the digital age, with our nearly worn-out shoes and beaten and battered laptops, we are always ready to hop on a plane, arrive at some far-flung destination and write about what we see.

Blog tours and field trips: what?

The principal task of a travel blogger taking part in a blog tour is sharing their experiences on the web using notes, photos and videos. They do this by sending live tweets and by updating their blogs regularly. These tweets and blog updates aren’t made casually, rather they follow a specific plan of work according to quite precise criteria and, above all, with awareness and an eye for results. Yes, because doing a blog tour doesn’t mean you get a free holiday. For all intents and purposes, the travel blogger is at work and, even if there are always opportunities for some downtime, some fun and some relaxation, it’s also an important opportunity to demonstrate your skills and personal abilites within a wider marketing strategy.

Blog tours and field trips: where?

Wherever! Promoting just the most popular destinations is unnecessary. In fact, more often than not, it is the smaller details which achieve the most success among holidaymakers and travellers. Sometimes, those tucked away villages or deserted beaches are much more appealing than the well-known towns and cities as these have already been done to death. When choosing a new destination for your own holiday, today more so than ever, it’s novelty you’re after – those unique moments which make your trip magical, appealing and special. The mainstream destinations will always remain in our hearts, but we also all have a thirst for discovery and the unknown will always call out to those who are deciding where to go on holiday this year. Details make the difference for the reader and a travel blogger knows how to find them!

Blog tours and field trips: how?

‘How’ is quite an ambiguous question. Blog tours, be they in your own country or abroad, are generally organised by tourist offices with the aim of promoting a location either by using ‘live storytelling’ on social media or after the fact by publishing articles on their own blogs. Its high level of experience and interaction in social channels shared across a rich variety of people allows Ti racconto un viaggio to guarantee a style and humour customary of the descriptions you will read in tourist guidebooks. This permits us to address the audience with our hearts on our sleeves, inspiring you, not forcing or trying to convince you, to get to know an unfamiliar destination which you’ve never heard of before.

Blog tours and field trips: why?

Well, because people and their stories count for a lot in 2.0 communication, despite what the internet or technology in general would tell you. For this reason, a blog tour or a field trip has become one of the best and most efficient ways to promote your product or service and to propagate your message to a large number of your peers. Such excellent sponsorship across social channels and travel blogs is, therefore, a great opportunity for a travel agent to reach new groups of users – those who have a constant internet presence, who live far away, who enjoy do-it-yourself holidays and who place more trust in real stories, told by real people, than then do in people who work in a tourist office.

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