About me

I’m a native of Salerno, transplanted in Sardinia, with a degree in languages and a head chock-full of dreams and passions. One of these passions is travel. My idea of a perfect life would be to wear a rucksack on my back and be on the lookout for new places, for cultures and traditions which are different to mine, customs, food and religions I had only ever read about in books. More importantly, though, what opens hearts and minds are people and stories from around the world… these change you for ever.

My first real trip took place in 2005. Where did I go? London, baby! March 2015 marked my tenth year of travelling. This is why I believe I have accumulated enough experiences to finally be able to write my own travel blog. “But, there are already loads of them!” I hear you all saying, and you aren’t wrong. Actually, if you look around on the web, you will find there are hundreds of blogs and tourism websites which feature travel stories. Some are really interesting, some less so but, nonetheless, all are valid and useful for finding more varied information.

For this reason, so as not to become just another travel blog and to rouse your curiosity in a different way, I also want to tell you unusual stories about tourist destinations which not everyone would consider going to, which you will have never heard of before, which it is difficult to find information about. My passion for travel has taken me very far and the inquisitiveness I have had since I was very little has enabled me to see things which, possibly, I would never have been able to see had it not been for this crazy desire to know things, to look for things and to go into the beyond.


I have travelled around most of Italy and half of Europe. I have been to Asia but I’m not going to stop and I would like to tell you stories which include the often hidden aspects of travelling like, for example, the people we meet, the thoughts we have, the adventures/misadventures that come about and which are hard to find in a tourist guide. Above all, what I want to do the most is tell you about me and my passion for travelling.

The list of places to see in the world is so expansive that we are spoiled for choice. One thing is certain: I don’t want to stop travelling and I will never stop!

Oops! I’ve been so caught up in my enthusiasm that I have neglected to introduce myself! Well then, nice to meet you and welcome to my world! My name is Marianna Norillo, but on social media you will find me under Maryennekate, a fusion of Marianna and Caterina which are my first and second names. There is also a third one, but that’s another story!

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