What I do for a living

Essentially, I write… and I translate. In April 2011, I launched my first website  not only to introduce myself to the public at large and to offer translation services, but also web writing and writing in general while since 2015 I’m officially on MariannaNorillo.it. And that’s not all. Alongside this and Ti racconto un viaggio, I also work on other 2.0 projects, beginning with off and on site management concerning the organisation and production of quality content. Want to know more? Visit the 2.0 projects page.

Other than writing about travel, holidays and tourist destinations, I also enjoy working on texts about:

  • well-being, health, nutrition
  • the animal kingdom
  • cinema and TV
  • art, culture, education
  • cooking and recipes
  • fashion, beauty and new trends
  • mobile technology and communications (smartphones, debates, new products on the market, international exhibitions, new frontiers)
  • video games and smartphone apps
  • photography and photographic projects
  • sport and articles about sport
  • music, CDs, concerts
  • cars, rentals and transport
  • articles for electrical contractors, telecommunications.

Ah, I almost forgot, I also teach languages and organise personalised private lessons and courses in italian, English and French in Alghero, where I live. I can also hold online lessons for those who don’t live in the area. If you need me for your personal website or your business portal, click on write an e-mail to:


Or contact me via Skype, via Facebook, Twitter… I’m always around!