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What is SEO and why is it used?

You are perhaps asking yourself what an SEO service can do for you. If, however, your web search has brought you to this page, you already have part of the answer. SEO (search engine optimisation) is a style of writing which helps you find a website or, even better, makes your website easier to find in the thick jungle of the internet. But, how does it do this? By applying specific techniques and strategies, which are optimised for each sector, you will be able to make your text more visible by search engines. One of the fields in which SEO is used the most, with clear results from the first few entries, is tourism.

More and more travel sites and tourist operators decide to dedicate their space on the internet to advertising their offers and reductions. Nevertheless, given the broad scope of the travel and tourism sector, if the owner of a travel agency is unable to reach a large number of people, including those who live outside the area in which the agency operates, they risk losing a considerable amount of customers and, in turn, potential income. Using an SEO service for texts in the tourism sector can, therefore, be of great benefit to the business in question by allowing the site to have the best possible presence on Google.

Web Copywriting and Tourism

New travel sites which talk about a given destination pop up every day. There is, therefore, no end of standard information on the internet about where to go/what to do/where to stay in London/Paris/New York. Of course, there are a lot of places to go, but a great deal has already been written about each one. Distinguishing between them, breaking free from the crowd and finding a more personal and subjective way of writing is, therefore, becoming crucial. A new travel agent will, of course, have more appeal if they publish a proper travel blog, as long as the stories it tells are done so in a specific and useful way for its users. Something that can really make us unique is finding a different style compared to others because, where content is concerned, being diverse is possible within certain limits.

One thing is certain: despite the large quantity of texts continually produced by thousands of sites, there are so many places which have not yet been described to the public. It is on these locations which we must focus. There are a lot of places and attractions in the world about which not much has been written, places and attractions which can provide the most fertile ground for planting our blogs and letting them grow. Alongside this, it is important that the content remain fresh so that the site – especially that of a travel agent – can bring together the active, the operative and the interesting for the reader compared to other websites. Writing texts periodically on topics which are inherent to travel and tourism is, therefore, crucial for improving the site’s authority within the sector and for attracting even more users to it.

What should I write on a travel site?

Numerous subjects are covered on travel sites, and these can vary among themselves. The important thing is to avoid writing generalised texts and to try to produce content of a different nature, content which is specific and which can tempt the reader into continuing their adventure on the site, offering them a recognisably different experience compared to any other travel site. In using an SEO service on your website, we can:

– talk about personal experiences

The nice thing about talking about travel is the fact that it’s genuine, narrated by a real human being. Reading about a traveller’s own experiences in Paris is much more fascinating for the reader compared to reading a solitary, sterile description of the monuments. This can be beautiful, but it does not let you experience the same emotions you might feel if you had made the trip yourself. Also, telling stories of their personal experiences allows the travel blogger to talk about unique episodes from their trip or original details which the reader would be hard pushed to find in a tourist guide available from a shop. This makes it possible to arouse curiosity about a place rather than simply continuing to write about countries and cities as a whole.

A reader about to set off for Berlin will want to discover the hidden or not-so-well-known sides of the reality they are about to encounter and only someone who has been there before can reveal this to them. Even a location’s most unique attractions can much more easily be discovered when described as part of a story than within the pages of a tourist guide. This is because, often, the tendency is to give more space to those which are mainstream, leaving those which are not to play second fiddle. Still, many travellers are intrigued by a monument or place’s quirks and it is for this reason that such stories must be told.

– write texts which advertise travel packages

A travel agent, a tour operator or any other company which sells products for the tourism industry probably doesn’t have the time to write texts. Their work is much different, meaning their websites and their content often end up being neglected. These are, however, an important aspect of sales activities and are used to build and improve reputation. Placing your trust in a writing service to produce promotional texts with the aim of advertising seasonal offers, particularly in the summer and winter, helps the site to strengthen its online presence thanks to current, useful thematic content.

Writing about events in a determined location or announcing news inherent to the travel agent or the website, for example, is another way of keeping the site up-to-date and provides continuous content, if not news then at least about events, which is checked regularly. If the site offers holidays in a specific location, it can become a resource for the customers to write reviews on the various attractions to be found and the services they offer. In this way, the site provides a useful service and the information on the rest of its pages is augmented.

– comment on the news and facts from around the world

Travellers want constant information about the places they visit, as well as things which have happened or are happening. One interesting idea for growing your travel blog is to have a section dedicated wholly to news from around the world which is not always negative, as the media would have us believe. The ideal would be to skip over the world’s disasters and recount stories which inspire the reader and arouse their curiosity. Inventions, unique exhibitions or important historical facts specific to the location are just some examples of this.

Page upon page of articles could be written on a tourist location’s history. A great deal of travellers research the places before setting out, meaning that producing this kind of text is a fine and valid way of supporting those with a thirst for knowledge and a passion for cultural holidays. And let’s not forget a country’s geography! Even in this case, a lot of written material exists and reading texts which focus on some current aspects can spark enthusiasm in the traveller even before they leave the house.

A summary of my services

– creation of a contents plan for your website, extending or shortening texts, where necessary, and helping you to structure the sections with SEO in mind;

– creation of an SEO service appropriate for the services you offer on your site with ad hoc contents to promote them in a more in-depth manner;

– creation of a contents plan focussing on informative, useful and interesting texts in order to attract potential clients who might be interested in your services;

– creation of advertising content which can be distributed on other sites and promoted in other media (even social media) in a manner which reinforces your online presence.

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